About Us

MortgageNote.org is your in-depth resource on private mortgage notes.

Our Story

Before we created MortgageNote.org, we noticed that, although plenty of people want to buy mortgage notes, there are few comprehensive resources to help note owners weigh that decision. So we took the information that you normally would only receive during a lengthy conversation with a mortgage note expert and put it all online as a free resource.

What We Do

We don’t just purchase mortgage notes, we help people make great decisions when selling their mortgage notes.

Our partner has been purchasing promissory notes for decades. We’re excited to bring its expertise to you in a clear and concise way that helps you access your money fast.

Our Goal

We want to provide such great information that when you select us to be your note buyer, you know you’ve made the right choice.

About Lauren Terfehr

Lauren Terfehr is the outreach manager for MortgageNote.org. She builds relationships to connect our site with people who could benefit from the information we provide.

Lauren graduated from the University of Central Florida with a concentration in marketing and business administration. When not building relationships, Lauren runs or spends time with her two dogs.

About Catherine J. Byerly

Catherine J. Byerly is the lead writer of MortgageNote.org. Her passion for helping people understand financial topics has led to her being published across dozens of websites in the last five years.

Catherine has a degree from the University of North Florida. In her downtime, she enjoys hiking and cooking, but not at the same time.

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If you’ve got questions about selling your mortgage note, we want to hear them.